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As retail experts, we understand perfectly our customers' needs. We work closely with customers to provide them with advice and support at all stages, from gaining access to leading brands’ promotional activities or helping them develop a new retail concept. 

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Dedicated experts

When clients present us with challenges, we deliver solutions. The problem-solving mentality of our people, the depth of knowledge within the company, and the team-driven model we operate. We offer the most effective solutions by creating teams of experts that work together to develop tailor-made answers. And by blending our global and local knowledge, we ensure that any relevant cultural, legal, or social topics are addressed from the outset. When we establish a new project internationally, we introduce local people to our team, training them to our standards, while learning from their unique insights into the country’s local culture and customs. As dedicated professionals, our people work in harmony to ensure strict deadlines are met, and clients are satisfied, day in and day out. From executing orders, to sourcing goods, fulfilling compliance issues, or checking quality standards, our people are specialists in their field. No matter where they are, our people make the difference.

Marketing support

As the operator of successful retail outlets, and a logistical contract partner, we have an in-depth understanding of what clients want. And how to provide it. As well as delivering leading brands to clients’ shops, we also help them with a broad range of marketing support. We share our retail experience with clients, helping them develop and grow their business in a variety of ways.

These include:

  • Concept positioning and customer profiling 
  • Shop spacing concept and design 
  • Research and selection portfolio according to target group 
  • Project operation and team management 
  • Sales optimization 
  • In-store communication, advertising and promotions

Solid partnerships

Successful partnerships require trust, transparency and understanding to work. Focusing on these values enables us to build successful, long-term client partnerships. Clients work with us for many reasons. The most important of which is that we’re much more than just a distributor: we’re a contract partner. We use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges, while developing the strategic value we can offer their business in the future. We also contribute to the growth of their business, by taking over those tasks that are not part of their core operations. This long-term focus benefits our clients and our suppliers, and gives us greater insights into the issues that shape the market.

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