where others don't go

We have clients that operate in areas that are remote, inhospitable or embroiled in conflict. They rely on us to deliver on our promise of supplying goods and services anywhere, anytime. We have developed a comprehensive worldwide logistics network, and built up a deep understanding of how to make successful global deliveries of food, goods and beverages. An unrelenting focus on safety and security, combined with zero tolerance for error, ensures that our logistical operations make our clients’ lives that little bit more comfortable. By providing tailor-made solutions designed to fit each client’s individual specifications and location, even those in remote and challenging areas, we free up clients so that they concentrate on the critical tasks they are there to perform. As well as being US Army Public Health Command approved, we are also an officially registered supplier to UNGM, FAO,ITC, UNOPS, UNOV, UNAMID, UNECA, UNIFIL, UNMIT, UNPD, WFP, WIPO, UNAMI.

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