Solid partnerships with leading A-Brands

Successful partnerships require trust, transparency and understanding to work. Focusing on these values enables us to build successful, long-term client partnerships. For example, our partnership with Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP). A trustworthy partner with whom we have been doing business for more than 25 years.

Special partnership

At B&S we have a special partnership with CCEP, resulting in a special production run for: Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Fanta. This means that we have specially produced products with a Duty Free imprint delivered to our niche markets like Airlines, Airports, Cruiselines, Military and Maritime. In this way, we are able to deliver Coca-Cola products without thematical printings on products.

The Coca-Cola Experience

B&S supplies over 145 kinds of Coca-Cola products. From Chaudfontaine and Minute Maid till Coca-Cola and Capri-Sun. To keep in close connection with our partners we speak and meet with them on a frequent basis. Our visit to their factory however was very extraordinary. Invited by Henk-Jan Hermsen (CCEP), we got a glimpse of the Coca-Cola Experience. No less than 80% of all the Coca-Cola production of The Netherlands is manufactured in the factory in Dongen. During the guided tour, which was led by Rein de Jong, Supply Chain Director NL, we could see the production from start to end: a very fascinating process!

Sustainability is key

A very important aspect for B&S and their customers is sustainability. Coca-Cola is and strives to stay leading in a sustainable production process.

CCEP’s goal is to be the best sustainable supplier with the best customer service, and a full assortment beverage partner in the business. In either way an objective we share with B&S!” -- Henk-Jan Hermsen, Senior Manager National Accounts at Coca-Cola European Partners.

For example, the advanced technology regarding the production of Coca-Cola’s R-Pets. All plastic bottles of Coca-Cola are made of 50% of recyclable plastic. An exceptional case in this matter, is the bottle of Chaudfontaine, which is made of not 50 but 100% of recyclable plastic. Since sustainability is key for B&S and their partners, we can only encourage these developments of taking environmental responsibility.

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