The people of B&S make the difference

When clients present us with challenges, we deliver solutions. From executing orders, to sourcing goods, fulfilling compliance issues, or checking quality standards, the B&S experts are specialists in their field. To provide excellent service we are continuously looking for talented and creative young professionals, who have unique and innovative insights to improve our clients’ business.

Upcoming months B&S is organising different events to meet the best of the best talents who have just graduated. We offer a tailor made programme for each individual who is participating, based on the area of expertise they have applied for. B&S experts explain more about their business activities, challenges and experiences as we believe these personal stories will help young professionals to make the right decision when starting their careers. Our in-house mentor and coach offers tips and tricks for their future career and during a speed date with a member of our recruiting staff it is easy to get a quick impression if there is a mutual interest.

We are proud of the first successful edition, which has taken place on June 2nd. After receiving over 160 applications we are sure this will enable us to find and select the best talents who will be your future dedicated experts.

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