Optimising our warehouse capacity

Over the years we have made various investments aiming to optimise our warehousing operations. To facilitate further growth, we have invested in a new partly automated warehouse next to our current facility in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Equipped with the most up-to-date storage systems and state-of-the-art equipment, the warehouse reduces warehouse space requirements and allows for faster order picking and delivery compared to conventional warehouses, resulting in us being able to maintain higher sales volumes per square meter compared with conventional storage systems.

We also optimise the use of technology within our warehouses and reduce our CO2 emissions, with the goal of enhancing its environmental and economic performance. We have been gradually replacing conventional light fixtures with LED fixtures in our current premises. In our new premises (due to be operational in Q3 of 2018) only LED fixtures are used, which consume 40% less energy. We also equipped all our offices and warehouse areas with light and motion sensors which automatically turn the lights on and off depending on the amount of light or movement within each section of the premises. Furthermore, we’ve integrated an energy-efficient ventilation and climate control system which stores residual heat and reduces the need for additional heating or air-conditioning systems. Our rooftops are fixed with a light and heat reflecting top-layer, providing the ideal temperature within our offices and warehouses all year-round. We are also planning to provide all our warehouses with solar panels, further reducing our carbon footprint in the future.

Optimising the use of technology within our warehouses helps us improve efficiency and lower our energy and other resource requirements, reducing our overall environmental impact and readying our company for the future.

Warehouse @B&S Dordrecht
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