Opening new doors in Mali

After showing a successful operation of 5 retail outlets in Mali, we received a special request from the United Nations (MINUSMA) to provide their staff with proper nutrition so they can continue making positive changes in this challenging area. 

This unique opportunity and situation has been established by our previous activities in this area. We did all deemed necessary and beyond to serve MINUSMA, especially sourcing goods in the region where hardly anything is available on the local market and conditions are tough. The set-up of a food service for bakery items and fresh fruits and vegetables is just one example. 

We opened the doors of the new restaurant, at the airport area in Bamako, in a record time of one week after receiving the written request. The restaurant has been running for almost three months now and is organized and structured professionally to the satisfaction of many frequent visitors. In the meantime we have opened a second restaurant in Badalabougou. 

To support the Malian people, we actualize our ‘local first’ policy in all our stores and restaurants, which created numerous jobs for the locals. Due to their expertise and know-how of our dedicated experts, B&S was able to successfully support MINUSMA and is continuing to do so for the years to come.


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