EY World Entrepreneur 2015

From June 3 to June 7 2015, Willem Blijdorp and Bert Meulman of B&S International had the honor to represent The Netherlands during the “EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year” event in Monaco. After winning the Dutch award of “EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2014”, B&S International - along with 52 other country winners from all over the world - was candidate for the title EY World Entrepreneur 2015.

EY organized an inspiring four day program focusing on the power of entrepreneurship to drive change. The event hosted inspiring entrepreneurial keynote speakers from around the globe, networking events and individual meetings with the jury. All title candidates were assessed on criteria such as entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, global impact, personal integrity and innovation. In comments received after the meetings, the judges once again emphasized that the employees of B&S and their dedication to work together as a team, are the key factors behind the growth of B&S International. This is what made B&S International country winner for the Netherlands in late 2014, and it`s what earned B&S International a spot in the EY Hall Of Fame, a success to be proud of.

The title World Entrepreneur 2015 was for Mohed Altrad, representing France, who has an inspirational story to tell. Growing up as an orphan in a Syrian desert, his grandmother foresaw a future for him as a shepherd and forbid him to go to school. He went anyway and at age 17, he moved to France where he started his studies and later obtained a PhD in Computer Sciences. He gained experience in several international companies before he started his entrepreneurial career. Mohed Altrad believes in the power of human connection and support and during his closing speech, he called for a more caring side to capitalism. His achievements and business philosophy make him a deserved winner.

‘B&S International is also a company with the mindset of a true champion. We can take pride in being part of the 53 most inspiring entrepreneurs of the world, thanks to all our employees for their great effort and support in taking the company this far. It is only the beginning of the success we can and will achieve together in the near future.’ – says Bert Meulman, CEO B&S International.

Willem Blijdorp & Bert Meulman_EY World Entrepreneur 2015
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