Excelling in category management

According to our latest research and turnover analysis, gifting is a primary motivation for B&S Central Store and B&S Shop fly buyers with more than half of all purchases being intended as a gift, followed by purchases for snacking and sharing.

Trends like these have helped to increase the average spend on confectionery over the past years. Allowing the confectionery category to play a pivotal role in stimulating impulse purchases.

To anticipate on this movement B&S has been working on intensifying its partnerships with major confectionery suppliers such as Ferrero Travel Market (FTM). Resulting in an upscale of our A-branded confectionery assortment and focus on a more premium segment.

At B&S we invest in brand innovation and knowing how to deliver exclusive items that match our costumer’s needs. The selected FTM portfolio in our stores consist of recognisable products, such as Ferrero and Kinder, dedicated to snacking & sharing trends, to trigger demand and drive shoppers in-store to explore new and exciting products. It drives conversion rates and additional impulse purchases through differentiated travel retail exclusives and gifting offerings ideally suited to the needs of our customers. The products are showcased in a branded gondola and distributed to all our stores in Europe, Africa and The Middle East.

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