B&S takes warehousing to new heights

The world around us is changing, and it’s changing fast. Our customer needs are changing, new business models are arising and we need to anticipate on future needs in order to stay ahead of our competitors.


We are a company of strong ambitions. We want to grow sustainably, ensuring we provide our customers with the excellent service they have come to expect . To help keep pace with this growth, we are currently constructing a new high-tech warehouse adjacent to our current logistics facilities and head office in Dordrecht.

Our new logistics facility will add an additional 16,000 m2 to our current warehousing capacity of 75,000 m2. It will be equipped with the most up-to-date semi-automated storage systems, reaching a height of 24 metres. Focusing on the future, it will provide bulk storage with automated pallet cranes and conventional case picking in wide corridors.


The construction of our new warehouse will be operational in 2018. It will allow us to better serve both our distribution and retail businesses from under one roof.



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