B&S strengthens partnerships in Africa

Clients work with us for many reasons. The most important of which is that we’re much more than just a distributor: we’re a contract partner. We maintain partnerships and close relationships with two clear goals in mind: to contribute to the growth of our clients business, and to take over those tasks that are not part of their core operations. 

The personal contact we have with our clients is of utmost importance. In order to understand the business and to develop the strategic value which will grow our clients business, we visit our clients regularly. Last month we met our clients in Africa, where we discussed the possibilities for our own private label GoodBurry. Our private label is an important aspect of the positioning of B&S within Africa and is seen more and more as a unique selling point. The perfect opportunity to discuss future opportunities to expand GoodBurry within the African markets. 

‘‘The personal contact with our clients enables us to expand our business in new places, but also allows us to serve clients in the best way possible’’ – Cor van Esch, Managing Director 

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