B&S International wins EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

On October 4th, entrepreneurs Willem Blijdorp and Bert Meulman were elected EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. This is the most prestigious award in the world for succesfull entrepreneurship. It recognizes successful entrepreneurs and aims to inspire and motivate others with their vision, passion, persuasion and excellent leadership.

“Thinking that our story could be of inspiration for other entrepreneurs really convinced us to participate in the award. In these times of recession, where we mainly hear negative messages, entrepreneurs can make the difference with their courage and their vision. – says Bert Meulman, CEO. This opinion is completely shared by Willem Blijdorp, founder and currently member of Supervisory Board of B&S International. Having been partners for twenty-two years, Bert and Willem have turned B&S International into an active worldwide company, generating a turnover of 1.2 billion with 1300 employees situated globally.

The independent jury stated that Willem Blijdorp and Bert Meulman of B&S International are “entrepreneurs with courage, that are familiar with the risks of entrepreneuring and are always looking out for new opportunities. They both stayed true to their beliefs and managed to build and grow a financially strong and remarkable company.”

Bert Meulman states that the key to success is having a solid foundation of employees that are committed to the business and strive to reach its goals. For this reason, Bert is hugely grateful to his employees. The jury recognizes the importance given to the staff of B&S International and stated that “these entrepreneurs take good care of their people and have an outstanding way of working, without losing the free spirit of entrepreneurship.”

As winners of the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the Netherlands, Bert Meulman and Willem Blijdorp will participate in the election of World Entrepreneur Of the Year in Monaco coming June.

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Bert Meulman & Willem Blijdorp - EY 2014
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