B&S attends Heineken Cruise Conference 2016

B&S has held close relationships with the world's leading brands for over 30 years! We have access to over 1,500 international brands, directly sourced from over 1,000 suppliers around the world.  B&S collaborates intensively with these brand owners, and is the principal partner for many of them, providing straightforward, direct access to multiple niche markets.

As one of Heineken’s primary distribution partners to the cruise industry, B&S was present at the annual Heineken Cruise Conference held on July 12th & 13th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The summit brings added value to the whole supply chain; from producers and suppliers to the end consumer. Global distributors of Heineken gather for two days to discuss current innovations in the market, the new Heineken portfolio and challenges to improve in the future.

B&S has a strong collaboration with Heineken, empowering Heineken’s mission to be number one in draught within the cruise industry. Heineken’s current innovation, the Brew-Lock system, is one of their key pillars. Thanks to the global network of distributors, already 1,000 systems have been installed in 2016.

The conference strengthens the consistency in the assortment and service offered throughout the entire cruise industry. The brands are represented in the right way, promotions are similar on all vessels and the best products are offered to fit each customer profile. This great initiative reinforces the close collaboration between all parties involved.

Check for more information about Heineken; www.heineken.com

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