Expertise in niche markets

As specialists in a range of supply operations, we tailor-make our services to fit each client’s needs. From providing food or bonded items, to establishing a new logistics route, we ensure that clients’ goods are delivered when and where they need them. And because we’re active in over 100 countries, we're used to discussing international supply chain logistics as well as customs regulations. Think global, act local.

For some, this is an ambition. For us, it’s a daily reality.

9 reasons for choosing B&S

There are many reasons why our clients do business with us, which can be summed up in one phrase: 'In good hands with'. Our business is to serve our clients' needs, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class service at all levels of the company. But irrespective of the service we`re providing, our goal remains the same as it's always been: to provide our clients with reliable, long-term solutions, while continuing to grow their business, and ours.


We build strong partnerships with A-brands and leading producers from a wide variety of sectors. Our suppliers work with us for a number of reasons, which include: our ability to penetrate diverse markets, our coverage of duty-free markets: producers are able to access all duty-free markets through B&S, bringing products to new areas, remote areas, and untapped markets and our ongoing expansion, and our belief that suppliers grow with us.

Our Global Sourcing department is constantly searching for new suppliers across the globe. Their efforts ensure ongoing price optimization and maintain the success of our purchase strategies. If you are interested in becoming a B&S supplier, please fill out our supplier form.

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