Airline catering

We are a key player in the airline-catering segment, providing a range of clients with flexible solutions that always remain within budget. We focus on delivering customized solutions starting with product selection, backed by complete supply chain management.

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Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management begins with an intimate understanding of your clients’ needs. Only then can you begin the process of managing and coordinating the distribution of goods from point A to point B.

So what makes our supply chain management so special?

  • With a head office and state-of-the-art logistics centers located next to the Port of Rotterdam - Europe’s largest - we have direct access to one of the world’s greatest distribution centers.
  • Our transit centers utilize some of the most sophisticated warehousing equipment to optimize accuracy and efficiency.
  • Voice-directed warehousing cuts order-picking times, while our compact warehousing system has increased storage capacity by 33%.
  • We provide fully bonded warehousing, as well as multi-temperature storage and onward transportation.
  • Each day our logistics centers consolidate a huge array of clients’ goods, dispatching multiple truckloads containing a vast combination of different goods, with individual items, boxes, or trays of goods all shipping in one load.
  • All this adds up to storing, moving, and handling over 100 million kilos of goods per year.
Supply Chain Management

Excellent service

Our business is to serve our clients. We achieve this by providing best-in-class-service at all levels of the company. But to make this work, you need the right mentality. From the boardroom to the warehouse, every employee works to deliver on our client promise: excellent service.

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